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Big Field in Seguin, Makes Way for UTSA Meet

Sunday, September 17, 2006
Next weeks UTSA Cross Country Meet is usually listed as the biggest meet of the regular season in Cross Country. If that is true the Seguin Invitational is not far behind. With 30 varsity girls teams and over 200 runners, and 32 varsity boys teams and well over 330 runners, Seguin is one massive meet.

The Girls were off at 8:30am on Saturday morning and the Mavs had some tough competition from some of their district 26-5A rivals and a few of the best in Region IV. Madison would finish a respectable 15th place in the tought field.

The Varsity boys would step up next and Jimmy Peterson would lead the Mavs to a nice 17th place finish, as both Girls an boys teams get ready for next weeks UTSA Meet.

The UTSA Meet has been moved from the UTSA campus to Brooks City Base golf course do to construction at UTSA. This course will also be used later this year at the Region IV meet.

UTSA Meet Information

Go Mavs!


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