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Madison Photos

Monday, September 03, 2007
Madison Photos
A Lot of questions have been raised about the Great photos on the Madison Website from last year. All last year the Madison photographers donated their time and equipment and gave away over 1000 photos of Madison athletes. The Madison Booster Club is proud to announce that they will continue to have photos available for download free of charge again this year. One change that is being made is the Madison photographer/webmaster is accepting donations on this site. You are under no obligation to pay anything for the photos you download, but understand other schools in the area allow their booster club photographers to charge anywhere from $5-$10 for a basic 4x6 print. We do ask that to help keep the photos on this site free for all that want to use them that you consider making a donation to the photographers and a portion will be given back to the booster club. Thanks for your consideration.

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