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Volleyball Now Needs Help to Make the Post Season

Sunday, October 15, 2006
No one was more relieved Tuesday night then MacArthur when Madison took a 5 set loss home from Judson. MacArthur can now loose to Madison with out having to worry about not making the playoffs because of it. But the season is not over for the Mavs but they will now need some help to make the post season.

Madison has three more contests on the schedule with two of those being very important district matches. The first will be this Thursday vs. MacArthur at Littleton Gym. The Mavs will be pumped up for this one as they will need to win to have any chance of making the post season. Mac won their first meeting in 5 sets and is sitting in the fourth playoff spot right above the Mavs.

Friday is the district finally for the Mavs vs. Roosevelt. Roosevelt has not won a district match this year and Madison should be able to handle the rough riders for the second time this season. After the end of the district season the Mavs do have one more match on the schedule as they have Marshall in a non-district match up.

If the Mavs can win out they will then need a bit of help from some familiar faces for them to make the playoffs. MacArthur will have to loose to Wagner on Friday or Lee on Tuesday. If either of these scenarios happens then Madison and Mac would play a one match playoff sometime next week at Littleton.
It might be a lot to ask but it’s not out of the question that Madison can still make the playoffs. The first step will be beating Mac this Tuesday at 7:15pm


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