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Scouting: Churchill Chargers, The Hurricane and The Husker

Sunday, October 15, 2006
Any team that gets a player invited to the US Army All American Bowl is special, but when a team has two players invited to play in the prestigious classic you have to pay attention. Churchill has two in the big game Nick Fanuzzi and Ian Harris. Churchill’s offence rotates around Fanuzzi who already has accepted a scholarship offer from the Miami Hurricanes. Churchill is not one dimensional as their defense has been above average for most of the season. Churchill looked real good to make the playoffs after beating Judson in overtime. But after loosing to Mac and barley getting by Roosevelt they look like they might be in a dog fight for the last couple of playoff spots. This game means more to Madison then it does to Churchill but it’s still important to the Chargers.

Churchill Offence: Nick Fanuzzi is a three year starter at QB and his freshman year he played RB on the varsity Charger squad. The name may seem foreign to Madison fans because this will be the first time the Mavs have faced Fanuzzi at QB. The past two years Fanuzzi has not made it to the Madison match up before season ending injuries have occurred. In 2004 Fanuzzi blew out a knee, and followed that up the next year with a broken collar bone in 2005. Even with out playing a full season and with out playing in the playoffs, Fanuzzi and his skills have already received offers from several D-1 Universities and has a verbal acceptance to Miami. Fanuzzi brings in a NFL QB Rating of 80.127, and is the only player to throw the ball for the Chargers this year. He has thrown 6TDs this year and has racked up almost 1000 yards in the air. If that’s not enough Fanuzzi can hurt you with his legs as well. Averaging 14 carries per game and averaging 4.67 yards per carry, adding 6 more TDs on the ground Fanuzzi is a complete player. When Fanuzzi does not handle the ball on the ground the Chargers will give it to their small but quick RB Ruben Resendiz. Resendiz averages just over 16 touches per contest and has scored 9 TDs on the year. He is not a breakaway back but a work horse. Fanuzzi and Resendiz between them have carried 95% of the rushing carries for Chargers in 2006 so don’t expect them to bring in a stable of RBs. On the flip side the receiving corp that Fanuzzi has at his disposal is deep and experienced. Leading the way is the Chargers TE Ian Harris. Harris who is also a three year starter has received several offers from D-1 schools as well and has a verbal commitment to play ball at Nebraska next year. Harris is a big TE that complicates coverage assignments; he has 6 receptions with 2 going for TDs. At wide out Churchill will run several sure-handed speedsters; Ryan Thayer and his 23.56 yards per receptions, Sam Mabry and his team high 17 receptions, and six others with receptions the Chargers are not at a loss for receivers.

Churchill Defense: Churchill’s defense started the year looking like they could carry this team alone to the playoffs. That was until they played MacArthur. The Chargers hit a speed bump on the defensive side of the ball when they got into a score fest with Mac, giving up 55 points and almost 600 yards of total offence in that one contest. Churchill settled down last week against Roosevelt, holding the Roos to 7 points. Churchill does not posses a defense full of stand out players but they do play good team defense. They are not an attacking defense but make stands when they need to. Defensive End Even Montelongo is one of the best linemen in the district and keeping him out of the backfield will be key to the Madison game plan. Churchill’s defense has only allowed 2 100 yard rushers in the 6 games they have played this year. Churchill has not caused a lot of turnovers this year as they only have 5 INTs as a team and have only recovered 3 fumbles and none in district play.

Churchill Special Teams: The Chargers will not win games on special teams but they won’t loose many either. They don’t posses enough speed to be a major threat to return kick offs or punts for TDs but they will try and get quick yards to improve their position. They will bring in a sure footed place kicker in Jason Lewis. Lewis who has hit 3 FGs in 2006 with one going for 41 yards. Lewis is also 17-19 in PATs.

Churchill Coaching and Extras: Coach Carl Gustafson has seen the highs and lows of High School Football at Churchill. He has suffered the last two years with his best athlete sitting on the sidelines for most of the year. He has made the playoffs in the past and has taken Charger teams deep in Region IV. He has been a steady figure at Churchill and this year he has one of his best chances to make it back to the playoffs. The Chargers have not made the playoffs in Football since Reagan opened and started playing varsity ball.

Players to Watch –
#12 – Sr. Ryan Thayer WR
#13 – Sr. Nick Fanuzzi QB
#14 – Jr. Sam Mabry WR
#26 – Sr. Rubin Resendiz RB
#28 – Sr. Jason Lewis K
#84 – Sr. Ian Harris TE
#99 – Sr. Evan Montelongo DE

Madison Football Looks Ahead To The Playoffs

In Sports you have to try and learn from your mistakes and put the past behind you. That’s exactly what we are going to do this week; we could do a write up on the Judson game, we could do a recap of the Volleyball teams’ week; but instead this week we will not harp on the past as we look to the future. With only four weeks left in district 26-5A football, we thought this would be a great time to look at each team and what their goals are for the next couple of weeks.

District 26-5 Breakdown

Smithson Valley: 5-0 District Record
Games Remaining: Reagan, @ Judson, Churchill
Outlook: The Rangers can cost to the playoffs, in fact after beating Lee this last weekend they can loose their last three and still make the post season. Don’t look for Smithson Valley to start loosing games as they possess one of the best regular season records over the last three years in the state. The Reagan game is a rivalry game (Town and Country Bowl) and the Rattlers and their outside chance of the playoffs will be pumped up for this match up. The Game holds little meaning for Smithson Valley so don’t be surprised if it’s close. The Judson game will more than likely be another match up between number 1 in the city and number 2 and will have a little importance as it will have bearing on the district title, but not hold much weight in either team’s playoff chances. The Churchill game might be a must win for Churchill and if Churchill makes the playoffs this game might determine who the first round opponent for both schools are.
Prediction: Smithson Valley will make the playoffs but will more than likely end up with one loss in district with a 7- 1 record.

Churchill: 3-1 District Record
Game Remaining: Madison, @Wagner, Lee, @Smithson Valley
Outlook: Churchill’s OT victory over Judson is now looking even more important in their hunt for a playoff spot. Almost as important as their loss to MacArthur. This weeks Madison game is a big match up for Churchill and their playoff hopes. One paper you have to figure Churchill gets by Wagner and Lee, but they will need one more victory to secure a playoff spot with out having to go to a tie breaker system. If the Chargers can get past Madison and win out till their trip to Smithson Valley, then that last game holds little meaning other than who they play in round one, and possibly a district title.
Prediction: Churchill finishes the season 5-3 and will be fighting for their playoff lives the whole way.

Judson: 3-1 District Record
Games Remaining: Wagner, @Lee, Smithson Valley, @Reagan
Outlook: With Judson’s win last week over Madison they are basically in the driver seat for a playoff spot with wins over Mac and the Mavs. The Madison game also gives Judson the inside track on the number 1 slot for Division I playoffs out of District 26-5A. This week’s game is being dubbed “The Civil War” as it will be the first time in JISD history that Judson High School is playing and inter-school-district school. Not many are giving Wagner a chance in this match up but with Judson’s inconsistency this year anything is possible. Lee on paper should be a victory and if Judson is traveling to Smithson Valley with a 5-1 record they will already have a playoff spot wrapped up. The Reagan game will mean much more to Reagan than Judson, so don’t be surprised with a Rattler victory.
Prediction: Judson ends the year 6-2, where that loss comes could come anywhere but the Rockets make the playoffs as the number 1 seed from 26-5A.

Madison: 3-2 District Record
Games Remaining: Churchill, MacArthur, Roosevelt
Outlook: Madison’s season has been one important game after another, but the stakes are even higher in the next two weeks. Madison plays Saturday games the rest of the way so if there are any district surprises they will know it when they hit the field. The one thing the Mavs don’t want to be doing on their Bye week (Week 10) is having to cheer on a team from the stands so they can play in the playoffs. With that being said this week’s game vs. Churchill is large. Both teams are clawing their way into the playoff race right now and a victory over Churchill will go along way come November. The M&M bowl might be even more important than the Charger game as even if Madison beats Churchill they still might run into a tie breaker if Churchill can beat an uninspired Smithson Valley in the last week of the season. Madison is in the playoffs if they win over Churchill and Mac and the Roosevelt game will hold little importance. If Madison looses one of their next two games the Roosevelt game will be a must win. If Madison looses both to Mac and Churchill then the Roosevelt game will be a must win and they will need some help to make the playoffs.
Prediction: We are jamesmadison.com so we are going to go out on a limb and say Madison wins out and finishes 6-2 and goes into the playoffs as the number 2 seed of Division I playoffs out of District 26-5A

MacArthur: 2-2 District Record
Games Remaining: Roosevelt, Madison, Wagner, Lee
Outlook: Mac needs to keep focused on a dangerous Roosevelt team and not look ahead to Madison this week. A Loss to Roosevelt makes their victory over Churchill almost pointless. With a victory over Roosevelt and a Madison win over Churchill the M&M Bowl is for who is guaranteed a playoff spot and who still has work to do. On Paper the last two games for Mac should be victories but by then they may not mater. MacArthur, if they make the playoffs, will be the second seed in Division II unless disaster strikes Smithson Valley.
Prediction: Mac losses one more and wins 3 finishing with a 5-3 mark and in a tie for the final playoff spot.

Reagan: 2-3 District Record
Games Remaining: Lee, @Smithson Valley, Judson
Outlook: Don’t look now but Reagan can still make the playoffs. They will have to do the unthinkable and run the table against Lee, SV and Judson and they will need some help from Roosevelt in some key games but things are not over yet for the Rattlers. The Lee game might be closer than most people think as Reagan has struggled with stopping big time RBs. If Reagan can escape Lee with a victory they then travel to SV for the “Town and Country Bowl” a game they have never won. The game of the year for Reagan might be against Judson in the last week. This will be a huge revenge game for Reagan and might be their last game for a big group of seniors. Don’t forget Judson was forced to run the score up on Reagan last year to make the playoffs in the last game. Nothing would make the Rattlers happier than to return the favor in 06’. Even if this game has no meaning at all it should be a WAR.
Prediction: Reagan can’t overcome its schedule and finishes 4-4 looking from the outside in on the playoff picture.

Lee: 1-3 District Record
Games Remaining: Reagan, Judson, Churchill, MacArthur
Outlook: The Vols would need a miracle to make the playoffs. They are not mathematically eliminated but they would need a lot of help and some amazing performances down the stretch. They can play spoiler the whole way home with games against 4 teams that can not afford a loss to a team not in the hunt. The Reagan game might be their best shot at a win, but the Rattlers are going to be fighting for a playoff spot. Lee might also make a run at MacArthur in a high scoring affair.
Prediction: Don’t be surprised to see Lee finish 2-6 and ruin someone’s hopes of playing in the post season.

Roosevelt: 1-4 District Record
Game Remaining: MacArthur, Madison, @Wagner
Outlook: Roosevelt really needed to beat Churchill last week if they wanted to make the playoffs. They will need to run the table and will need a lot of help from others. They to can play the spoiler with two teams on tap that need victories. Roosevelt should handle Wagner, but that should be their last game.
Prediction: Roosevelt will win one more and finish 2-6

Wagner: 0-4 District Record
Games Remaining: Judson, Churchill, MacArthur, Roosevelt
Outlook: The “Civil War” this week against Judson will be the T-Birds whole season. The chance of them winning that game are slim but possible. Wagner in their first year has struggled in 26-5A but has gained valuable experience for next year and the years to come. Watch out for these guys come 2007.
Prediction: One win would be awesome for this team but more than likely they finish 0-8.

Volleyball Now Needs Help to Make the Post Season

No one was more relieved Tuesday night then MacArthur when Madison took a 5 set loss home from Judson. MacArthur can now loose to Madison with out having to worry about not making the playoffs because of it. But the season is not over for the Mavs but they will now need some help to make the post season.

Madison has three more contests on the schedule with two of those being very important district matches. The first will be this Thursday vs. MacArthur at Littleton Gym. The Mavs will be pumped up for this one as they will need to win to have any chance of making the post season. Mac won their first meeting in 5 sets and is sitting in the fourth playoff spot right above the Mavs.

Friday is the district finally for the Mavs vs. Roosevelt. Roosevelt has not won a district match this year and Madison should be able to handle the rough riders for the second time this season. After the end of the district season the Mavs do have one more match on the schedule as they have Marshall in a non-district match up.

If the Mavs can win out they will then need a bit of help from some familiar faces for them to make the playoffs. MacArthur will have to loose to Wagner on Friday or Lee on Tuesday. If either of these scenarios happens then Madison and Mac would play a one match playoff sometime next week at Littleton.
It might be a lot to ask but it’s not out of the question that Madison can still make the playoffs. The first step will be beating Mac this Tuesday at 7:15pm

TLC, Seguin Meet Provides a Warm Up For Cross Country District

This week the Cross Country Teams will travel back out to Seguin for their last meet before the district contest. The site of this weeks meet will be on the campus of Texas Lutheran College in Seguin and will provide a challenge for our runners. Madison will compete against district 26-5A rivals Reagan, MacArthur and Churchill this week, as well as some of the areas best squads.
A week from Saturday is where all the hard work is to pay off, the district 26-5A meet. This year the meet has been moved to the Judson Grey Campus and it will be the first time Madison has competed on this course this year. The district Meet starts early, 8:00am Saturday October 28th

Booster Club Meeting / Tennis, Golf and Swimming Pot Luck

The Booster Club will be meeting this Monday night at 6:15pm at the Madison High School Cafeteria. After the meeting the Boosters will be hosting the Tennis, Golf and Swim Teams for a Pot Luck Dinner. The Booster Club will be organizing their schedule of events for the coming months including the basketball concession stand assignments. For more information jhnnyvg@yahoo.com