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Football Scout – Scouting: Judson Rockets the Old Guard

Sunday, October 08, 2006
Some would argue that Judson’s glory days are behind them. But let’s not forget this is the same team that barley made the playoffs last year only to go on and play in the State Championship game. Judson is a team that can get hot and be as good as any team in the state; you just hope you don’t run into them when they hit another hot streak. Judson stated the year ice cold as they got beat by Leander; they bounced back by destroying an undersized Tivy team. The Rockets got their bye week in week three, and went into double OT only to loose to Churchill. They got their first district win as their defense heated up against the high flying MacArthur offence, and last week they went to 2-1 in district with a win over Roosevelt again behind stellar defensive play.

Judson Offence: The last couple of years Judson has not had the premier running back that they are famous for. Not having that phenomenal, score from anywhere on the field, type running back has not slowed down the Rocket scoring machine much lately. Right now Judson looks like they might be in the midst of a QB war, and that’s where their offence starts is at the QB position. Carl Boulden is the incumbent as he was the spark plug that drove Judson to play in the State final last year. He will more than likely get the start but Judson will not hesitate to bring in back up Austin Quinney if the offence stalls. Boulden is quicker of the two and has more big game experience. Quinney has the blood lines as his brother QBed the last Judson state title team. Judson will run the shotgun look a majority of the time but will also put the QB under center. At running back Judson will go with a committee of players lead by Jose Mendoza and Dominique Mallett. Both backs average about 6 yards per carry but neither possess the break away speed we have seen from Judson backfields. Judson’s biggest offensive weapon is at the wide receiver spot where they have a stand out in Dale Kindred. With 16 catches and 5 of those going for Touchdowns, Kindred has a nose for the end zone. Kindred also has a score on a reverse against Churchill. Judson will try to get the ball in his hands at least 7-10 times through out the game. While the offence has not been spectacular they have not been held under 10 points all year. Judson will try and eat up clock and have as many long drives as they can much like what we saw against Smithson Valley.

Judson Defense: Last week Reagan came into the game with a Defensive unit that had not allowed over 190 yards rushing in one game. We all know what happened last Friday, but this week Judson brings in an even more impressive number. The Rockets defense is giving up on average just 112 yards rushing per contest and as held its last two opponents to just 43 yards and 80 yards respectively. In Contrast Madison enters the contest with a District leading 339.5 yards rushing per game with a 532 last weekend. Judson tries to filter most of the running to their Linebackers and Isaiah Carter is one of the cities best. If there is one area where Judson has been hurt on defense it’s in the defensive back field. The Judson defense ranks last in 26-5A in pass defense giving up 165 yards per contest. But also in Contrast the Madison passing attack has picked up only 50 yards per game throwing the ball. To say something’s got to give is an understatement. The lack of pass defense is surprising given the fact that Judson possess one of the areas best CB in Randez James. The speedster has offers on the table from the likes of Arizona and Duke. Madison will again be challenged to get the rushing attack going and might have a chance to pad some numbers throwing the ball. How that translates into a win or a loss will be determined on Thursday.

Judson Special Teams: After two weeks of the Mavericks watching their opponents bring in D-I talent kickers, the Mavs get a bit of a break but not by much. Austin Quinney (just like his older brother) performs the kicking duties for the Rockets. Quinney has hit 4 FG this year and is 15 of 15 in PATs. He does not possess the leg to kick off out of the end zone but is very accurate and can place the ball wherever he wants. The coverage teams are decent and have some speed. The Kick returns are not spectacular but the rockets won’t hurt themselves either. Judson likes to play field position and likes to use the clock so look for them to try to pin Madison deep on punts. Madison has been burned by the onside kick in the last two games so don’t be surprised if Judson tries one or two during the game even at strange times during the game.

Judson Coaching and Extras: Coach Rackley has to be seen as one of the areas best coaches, as he has continued a tradition of greatness even after the splitting of his talent to Wagner. Judson will come into this game prepared and willing to fight to the end. They will play clean and basic football like they always have. Don’t let the lack of Big name talent fool you as Judson will play team ball and execute well. While Madison was not playing Saturday night, the game that ended with MacArthur winning will have a huge impact on the district 26-5A 4 playoff spots. MacArthur, by beating Churchill, has forced its way back into the playoff picture and any loss at this point will put Judson or Madison looking up at the rest of the contenders. Other Judson vs. Madison football games have held importance but this one might be the most important of all.

Players to Watch –
#2 – Sr. Dale Kindred WR
#3 – Sr. Randez James CB
#5 – Sr. Carl Bouldin QB
#12 – Jr. Austin Quinney QB
#24 – Jr. Dominique Mallett RB
#32 – Sr. Jose Mendoza RB
#38 – Sr. Isaiah Carter LB


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